What’s up, y’all?  It’s me, The Jaguar. Welcome to the first edition of my blog series, Welcome to the Jungle.  The purpose of this blog is to keep you all updated or informed of current events concerning the riveting journey I am on with my rap career, and to better understand me as an artist.  Now, I know that you love to hear me flowing on the mic, but I also feel that it is important that I talk about topics or issues that I experience in everyday life such as: mental health or fragile Black masculinity.  Moreover, I will be featuring other local artists, producers, or visionaries on my blog that I have personally worked with. I will be providing commentary on their works or products. It is evident that I have a lot of ideas for this blog, and I cannot wait for you to see all that I have in store.  For now, let’s talk about…

Introspective: My Words, Not Yours 

If you have not already heard, I am a rapper.  In fact, on May 22, 2013, I posted on Facebook, “[I am] having the sudden urge to become a rapper!”  I do not think I was as serious as I was in 2013 about becoming a rapper than I was in 2016 when I released a little joint called, The Periodic TableThe Periodic Table was a collection of rhymes written by yours truly, and my first recorded project.

I wrote with one question in mind: who am I?

It was a dope, little mixtape, but soon after its release, I experienced the biggest identity crisis of my entire life.  Just three months after The Periodic Table, I disconnected from so many people, started drinking heavier than usual, and began attending therapy sessions. I was 22 years old. Confused. Depressed. Afraid. However, I kept writing.  

Last year, February 27th, 2019, I returned to the stage, to social media, and most importantly, to the mic after three long years on my 25th birthday.  This year, on February 27th, 2020, as I turn 26, I will be releasing my first major album!

So, from the span of 2016 to 2020 today, I was listening to beats, buying recording equipment, and I KEPT WRITING.  I wrote with one question in mind: who am I? Thus, songs like Years, The 90s, or Bigger Than Me, were created.  Introspective: My Words, Not Yours is a 21-track album, detailing my dreams and aspirations, my spirituality and relationships, both past and present.  I worked so hard on this project. I did my own beat selection, I wrote all the lyrics, the hooks and even did my own mixing and mastering.  That’s why this album is so special to me: this album is me. Of course, I must thank the ones that are featured on this album: my boy, B Smoov, Chris Davis, Harold Simpson, David Curtis Phillips, and my talented big sister, Jasmine.  My management, Bianca House, who brought the vision to life with her incredible talents and I.T. support 😊  There are so many people to thank, and more than likely if you’re reading this, I probably gave you an appreciation post on Instagram: theofficialthejaguar.  Anyways, thanks again!

Overall, Introspective is an experience that you must hear for yourself.  If you have not already listened to it, just head on over to the Music page. It will be there waiting for you.  If you have, I thank you, and please share and continue to show your support. It means the world to me. Show me some love in the comments section!  What was your favorite song from the album? Who should I work with next? Let me know…

Well, that’s all for now.  I will check in with you again next month.  Introspective: My Words, Not Yours releases on February 27th!!!


The Jaguar